Dipping in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth around 430 meters or 1,410 feet below sea level. Just that fact should make it a very popular place to visit, but there’s more. It also has one of the highest salinity levels in the world (top 5). Because of this you can’t swim in the […]

VIP Jerusalem (Guest Post)

VIP Jerusalem has been established with the sole purpose of providing five-star accommodations and services. VIP Jerusalem is your ultimate destination if you are looking for American-style service in the rough terrains of Jerusalem. Our travel and vacation services are unparalleled in providing the perfect accommodations as per the visitor’s requirements, and we always strive […]


What is a “Rechev Eshkol?”

When you see a logo of two men holding grapes, you know you’re in good hands. This is the logo of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and all of their “Rechev Eshkol” vehicles display this logo proudly. The image depicts the Israelite spies carrying grapes from the Holyland. They were the first group to “tour” […]



One of the most visited sites in Israel can be found practically in the middle of nowhere. And that is the main reason this site has “made history.”   King Herod, the great architect that lived over 2000 years ago and that redesigned the Temple in Jerusalem, created two of his personal palaces on a […]


Beit She’an

Ever wanted to go back in time thousands of years? It may never be possible without a time machine, but Bet Shean will give you the feeling that you have from the moment you enter the National Park. The reason is a tremendous earthquake that left the city standing still. Bet Shean is located in […]


Kfar Cana

One of the most famous miracles that Jesus performed, is also said to be his first. “The Wedding Church” as it is known, is where Jesus turned water into wine. Jesus was with his mother Mary and his disciples at a wedding when the bridegroom ran out of wine. According to John 2:3-5, his mother […]


Hurva Synagogue

Years ago one of the symbols of Jerusalem was a very large arch in the Old City of Jerusalem. Since 2010 that arch was replaced by the tallest and most recognizable synagogue in the Old City with hundreds of years of history.   In the year 1700 Rabbi Yehuda HaHasid (the pious) and around 500 […]


Booking your accommodations

Even though the country is quite small, there are hundreds of accommodations available throughout Israel. How do you choose the perfect place for your trip? Location, Location, Location First put together a list of where you would like to visit. Our tour operators can help you plan the trip that makes the most sense based […]


Why take a private tour?

Why take a private tour? With a private tour you can visit the sites that you want to see and do it on your own schedule.  Some tourists like to visit every shuk or bazaar they encounter while others are just interested in the archaeological and religious sites. With a private tour you can choose […]