Booking your accommodations


Even though the country is quite small, there are hundreds of accommodations available throughout Israel. How do you choose the perfect place for your trip?

Location, Location, Location

First put together a list of where you would like to visit. Our tour operators can help you plan the trip that makes the most sense based on your sites of interest and dates you will be visiting. Would you like to be where the action is and stay close to the festivals during your dates, or would you like to stay as far away as possible to get some peace and quiet? We’ll help you choose the best area to stay in on your journey.

What is your accommodation personality?

Do you prefer large chain hotels, or something pastoral? Is a pool important to you, or just a room with a view? Is this a romantic getaway or a trip with the kids? We can help you find the perfect setting for your vacation.

How many stars would you like with your hotel?

Some people like to stay in the lap of luxury while others are more cost conscious. There  are many lovely hotels that are considered 3 stars because they don’t provide certain amentities.

Below is an explanation of each star rating. This information is for description purposes only and does not mean that your hotel will provide everything listed below.

Three Stars Hotel

All of the three stars hotels offer standard and deluxe rooms. The hotels usually feature medium-sized restaurants that typically offer Israeli breakfast included in the given rate. Parking, fitness centers and pools are often provided.

Four Stars Hotel

All of the four stars hotels have a nice reception area, front desk service and bellhop service. The level of service is well above average and the rooms are well lit and well furnished. Restaurant dining is usually available and may include more than one choice. Some properties will offer continental breakfast and/or happy hour delicacies. Room service is usually available during certain hours. Valet parking and/or garage service is also usually available. Concierge services, fitness centers and one or more pools are usually on the grounds.

Five Stars Hotel

Almost all the five star hotels offer the highest level of accommodations and services. The properties offer a high degree of personal service. Although most five star hotels are large properties, sometimes the small independent (non-chain) property offer an elegant intimacy that can not be achieved in a larger setting. The amenities often include: CD stereos, garden tubs or Jacuzzis, in-room video library, heated pools and more. The hotels feature up to three restaurants all with exquisite menus. Room service is usually available 24 hours a day. Fitness Centers and valet and/or garage parking are typically available. A concierge is also available to assist you.