Dipping in the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth around 430 meters or 1,410 feet below sea level. Just that fact should make it a very popular place to visit, but there’s more. It also has one of the highest salinity levels in the world (top 5). Because of this you can’t swim in the sea, you can only float. But the main reason people come to the Dead Sea from all over the world is the health benefits. None of the other hypersaline bodies of water can claim anything like it.

Because it is the lowest place on earth, it is also furthest away from the sun. This means that the sun is less strong and the UV rays are less likely to sunburn. However, it is still possible so you should take precaution and wear sunscreen anyway. This extra layer between us and the sun is actually the main reason for the amazing health benefits of the area. It can help breathing problems like cystic fibrosis. The salt waters can help skin problems like psoriasis. It can also heal other problems like and rhinosinusitis and osteoarthritis and even the common pimple problem. Some of the therapies used are

  • Climatotherapy: Treatment using the climate such as temperature, humidity, sunshine, barometric pressure and special atmospheric factors
  • Heliotherapy: Treatment using the biological effects of the sun’s radiation
  • Thalassotherapy: Treatment from bathing in Dead Sea water

Important tips:

  • Do wear water shoes/flip flops in the water – there are jagged and sharp crystals on the sea floor
  • Do not get water in (or near) your eyes – it stings!
  • Do not shave the day before you go in – any open cuts will sting
  • Do not drink the water – it doesn’t just take like salty water. It’s oily too. You’ve been warned!