What is a “Rechev Eshkol?”


When you see a logo of two men holding grapes, you know you’re in good hands. This is the logo of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and all of their “Rechev Eshkol” vehicles display this logo proudly. The image depicts the Israelite spies carrying grapes from the Holyland. They were the first group to “tour” the land.


Many people like to tour the country when visiting Israel and a lot of them do so in a private tour. A private tour provides the flexibility you want as the tour is based on your schedule and interests. The most popular option is to rent a guide who will take you in a “Rechev Eshkol.”

The “Eshkol” vehicles are comfortable private cars (4, 7 and 10-passenger vehicles) which are especially tailored for exploring the country.¬†The service includes a car or van designed for touring, a licensed tourist guide and personal attention during the whole trip. These tours are created for couples, familes and small groups, not large group tours. With personal small tours you can travel on your own timetable and tour plan.

The “Rechev Eshkol” cars are driven by¬†experienced licensed tour guides, trained in both an extensive knowledge of the history of the country as well as the many roads throughout. Many guides speak more than one language and can impart their knowledge in a language that speaks to the tourists.
Guides that do not have a license from the Ministry of Tourism are working illegally and may be forbidden to enter certain sites. The guide (and the agency that booked the guide for you) will be fined.
All of the “Eshkol” vehicles include full insurance coverage for their tourists. Other vehicles are not fully insured or licensed to provide guiding or tourist services. If you don’t see the logo, it isn’t “Eshkol.”