VIP Jerusalem (Guest Post)


VIP Jerusalem has been established with the sole purpose of providing five-star accommodations and services. VIP Jerusalem is your ultimate destination if you are looking for American-style service in the rough terrains of Jerusalem. Our travel and vacation services are unparalleled in providing the perfect accommodations as per the visitor’s requirements, and we always strive hard to surpass the expectations of our guests with extensive research to reserve and prepare exclusive charter homes.


We  the honor of taking special care of celebrities and their family, tourists, scholars, business delegates, bureaucrats and other dignitaries who visit Jerusalem fill us with a sense of pride. We provide a very comprehensive range of services such as event planning, personal training, on-site childcare, personal chefs and chauffeurs, housekeeping services and many more. We ensure that our lavish lodging and easygoing travel create such a pleasant experience for our visitors that it lingers on for the rest of their lives.


Luxury Vacation Homes

VIP Jerusalem provides a very wide range of beautiful charter homes that meet every possible requirement of our visitors in terms of size, design, on-site amenities or any other classification. We offer five-star executive suites, luxury apartments and penthouses, town homes and triplexes, and even private villas near the hot spots and highly recognized destinations in Jerusalem.


VIP Jerusalem also helps in organizing:

  • Auto Rental Services
  • Airport Pickup Services
  • Prearranged Groceries, Produce, and Merchandise Services
  • Childcare Services
  • Dining and Catering
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Laundry and Dry-cleaning Services
  • Private Yacht Rental
  • Private Jets
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Personal Chef
  • Bodyguard